A holiday at last!

Charlotte Casadejus

Posted on July 31 2017

A holiday at last!


On the road again. Bonjour La France. Je t'aime .  But this time we're on holiday; what an amazing treat!
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Three Chiwawa's in a pram going to market. Only in France.  We saw these guys over and over again.  Three lovely, well behaved little dogs.

chihuahuas, stroller, dogs, France, holiday

This is going to be a holiday of looking up and I really love how pretty this ceiling is.

pretty colors, ceiling art, paper art
France, shopping, holidays, charlotte casadejus, street marburg

I love that there are still shop fronts like this in Provence. This is my favourite in L'Isle sur la Sorgue.
What could go wrong?  Having been ripped off to the tune of 24€ last month for one g&t and one aperol spritz down here last month we have decided to go cocktail self sufficient. So far it's going well.
Drinks, summer drinks, Apart, San Pellegrino, Prosecco, orange

Et voila!  It's a delicious work of art.

Aperol Spritz, cocktails, diy cocktails, summer drinks, charlotte casadejus, streett marburg

Just chillin' in my van at the brocante... 🐶🐶🐶

Dog, van, market, France, fruit and veg, charlotte casadejus, streett marburg

Chilling, watching the world go by...happy days

On holiday, streett marburg, charlotte casadejus,
Relaxed, holiday, streett marburg, charlotte casadejus, France, Provence
lamoureale, avignon, holidays, france, charlotte casadejus, streett marburg          

We wanted to introduce you to our good friends Nadia & Jean-Marc who run our favourite place to stay @lamoureale near Avignon. Whilst we'd like to keep this hidden gem a secret we have finally relented - it's a fabulous place and they are superb people - the world should know!

lamoreale, france, avignon, charlotte casadejus, streett marburg

I know we're supposed to be on holiday but I couldn't help myself buying these AMAZING 19th C curtains 🙄. They're hand sewn. Unbelievable work. DM me for details.

lace curtains, antique curtains, antique lace, french lace, charlotte casadejus, streett marburg

So sad to be leaving this gorgeous country and this perfect weather. On the road again...on our back to the green, green fields of England.

weather, streett marburg, charlotte casadejus,

Fabulous skies and medieval barn ceiling where we are staying on our way home.  Look up, inside and outside.

look up, lovely skies, homeward bound, streett marburg, charlotte casadejus
      tudor roof, oak beams, ancient barn, france, charlotte casadejus, streett marburg

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