An Unusual Early 20th C Carved Gilt Wood Sunburst Convex Mirror


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An interesting and decorative gilt wood sunburst convex mirror with the phrase 'Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense' written around it, in ancient French meaning - 'Shame on he who sees bad or evil in it', ie. shame on you for thinking there is something bad in it.

The origins of this are most interesting, the phrase being widely used on British Royal Coats of Arms, passports and courtrooms.  These words were first used by King Edward III in the 14th C who then reigned over part of France - at the time, French was the language used by the ruling classes in England.  King Edward founded the Chivalric Order of the Garter, which is the highest order of chivalry.  It is not known exactly why he chose this phrase but it has been suggested that it was that he gave 'forth his own garter as the signal' for preparation for the hundred years war.

Circa: 1900

Origin: England

Condition: Excellent antique condition

Dimensions: 75.5cm h x 76cm w

Ref: E1038


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