Wonderful 1970's Opaque White Glass Bubble Pendant Lights - 6 Available

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We have 5 large and 1 medium of these extremely fabulous bubble lights.  Each one hangs from a verdigris metal chain and can be hung at different heights up to 1.5m (although this can be extended).  We like them hung as a group at various lengths.  The glass is frosted white and each bubble is a slightly different shape.

Price is per light.  Please contact us if you would like to purchase all of them.

Dimensions: Large: 40cm w x 32cm w x 30cm h; Medium: 29cm h x 24cm w x 23cm h

Condition: Excellent condition, fully rewired.

Origin: England

Circa: 1970's

Ref: D606a-f


For outside the UK please contact us for a quote.

*Mainland only. If you live in the far reaches of Scotland or on a tiny island off Guernsey or anything particularly difficult to get to we hope you will understand that we may need to charge a little extra. Please contact us.

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